Winter’s cold grip loosens

So the days are getting longer, they must be as the birds are chirping when I’m getting up for my Wednesday early morning swim session.
It’s time to start thinking about my open water swim plans for the coming season.

Here in Wellington, we tend to use a long weekend (Labour weekend) at the end of October as our cue for jumping back into the harbour.
That doesn’t seem so far away right now, so my preparations have begun:

Step 1: Enter the State NZ Open water swim series
Step 2: Book flights for said State swims
Step 3: Consider how far I’ll swim this year at the Epic Swim weekend in Taupo
Step 4: Realise that my 2 swims per week are now not enough to get me ready for these races……
Step 5: Panic
Step 6: Eat chocolate
Step 7……..Calm down and write up a plan.

I’ll get back to you when I’ve got step 7 sorted.


One response to “Winter’s cold grip loosens

  1. Good to see you’re keeping the web site going. It would be a great way to keep like minded people connected during the year. Once you get a few blogs and comments going I’m happy to let people know about it – after all there are a lot of you out there now.

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