The open water season is well underway…..

So I look back at my last post and note that my 5 step program to Panic mode has all been completed!
Yay! Well done me for getting through:
– 2 State Ocean swims (Auckland Harbour Crossing and the lovely Russell to Paihia swim)
– 2 Wellington Splash and Dashes (run beautifully by Evelyn and Tomo)
– Entering the Epic Swim 5km and the Masters 2.5km – Lake Taupo January 14th and 15th 2012
– upping my swim sessions to 4 per week
– and eating a whole lot of chocolate along the way.

What’s next?
More training, more searching for that extra ounce of better freestyle technique, and some lounging around on the beach at Taylors Mistake in Christchurch, New Zealand for the Christmas holidays.

This swimming thing never really gets easier, it’s all about perseverance and spending quality time with good friends.

Have a wonderful holiday and see you in the New Year.



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