What a summer!

Such a long time since I last posted here, but it’s been far too lovely a season to let it pass without comment.

The open water swims held this summer across NZ have so far been blessed by some fabulous weather and I do hope that continues to the end of the season.

Big news for this week is the successful crossing of Cook Strait by Mark Krynen 12hrs 32min of hard slog on a glorious day. Well done Mark (and Glenda and Phil). I hope the recovery is going well.

The other big news is the impending 40.2 challenge of Lake Taupo by the current Cook Strait crossing record holder Casey Glover. It could even be this week!
Given his swimming pedigree, this could be a very quick lake crossing. Good luck to Casey and his support crew, and I’ll be watching out for updates.

I’ll take things a bit easier, and head down to Akaroa for the State Ocean Swim this weekend. If we are lucky we might even get to see a few Hectors dolphins while we are there.

Happy swimming



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