“Why run a marathon when you can swim one?”

Anna’s flippant comment made soon after the decision to embark on this adventure into swimming madness – this has since become our mantra.

In addition to Coach Ali, a strong team was formed around Anna and Jason to help us complete the swim to the best of our abilities.  Nutritionist Kath Fouhy, Trainers Dave Creamer and Logan Cowdell, Physiotherapist Helen McKendry and Doctor Karen Bisley were the trusted advisors.

Website history:

This website was created for our swim (for Jason and Anna), at the time (back in 2007-2008) we posted notes about our training, our team and the journey.  We also found that there was nowhere else the details of these swims had been catalogued online, so we should create a list from information known at the time.  This served us well for our challenge so our swim buddies could come along for the ride, and we could challenge ourselves by checking out the achievements of those that had gone before.

A couple of years after our swims we lost most of the website due to a server being switched off, the owner of said server had forgotten our little site was on there, and there were as it turns out no backups taken.  Doh!  I resurrected what I could from some saved snapshots I had onto a little wordpress blog of my own.

Little did I know that this would become the one record for the Lake Taupo 40.2 challenge marathon swims.  We called it our 40.2 challenge, as we had been told the longest straight line swim for Lake Taupo is 40.2 kilometres, from Little Waihi at the southern end to the Yacht Club beach in Taupo (Long course).

I am so pleased we did set this up, both for our own swims back then, but also now as I get to know some of the new challengers taking on our great Lake Taupo swim. This is a pretty special club, and I’m thrilled to be a member.

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