A successful swim yesterday

It looks like we had another successful 40.2 challenge completed yesterday.

A South to North long course by Andrew Powell in an unofficial time of 16hrs 30min.

Nice work Andrew!

Go Caitlin !

We have another swimmer up today – Caitlin O’Reilly.

Starting nice and early at the Southern end of Lake Taupo, at just 14 years old she is striving to become the youngest female to complete the challenge.


Great swim Caitlin. A fast second half and you completed the 40.2 challenge in 13hrs 27mins. Congratulations and welcome to the club.

I missed the start of our 40.2 season!

Time for me to play catchup.

Two long course single crossing swims completed:

The first, a North to South crossing on February 4th by Helen Conway in a time of 14hrs 43min.

And on the 9th February, a South to North swim by Steve McKain in 13hrs 00min 53sec.

Congratulations to you both, and apologies that I haven’t added you to our honour roll sooner.

Let’s go Vicky

Here we are on another glorious day – with a swimmer half way through her 40.2 challenge, and going strong.

Vicky Tate from Wellington entered the southern end of Lake Taupo around 3.15am this morning – and she’s been steadily making her way across the lake.  Her support crew is keeping us in the loop and it sounds like Vicky is in great spirits and swimming well.


Keep it up Vicky!  We are all watching your endeavour from the comfort of our computers and mobile phones.

Update:  Here we are 15hrs and 4 minutes since she started – and Vicky is all done.  Congratulations on a brilliant day out there, wonderful swimming 🙂


A beautiful day for a swim

This morning around 3am Angela Moir from Christchurch stepped up to take on the Lake Taupo 40.2 challenge.

This has been a steady buildup over the past few years and I’m thrilled that Ange is finally here getting to live her dream.

With Phil, Dan, Barry, Chloe, Melissa and Mike supporting……you’ve got all you need. That’s the A-team right there.

Carry on Ange, you’re doing a fabulous job!

Here comes Rangitira point, and the beginning of the home straight… albeit a long one. 8ish km to go.

Yay! Ange has completed her challenge in a time of 15hrs 38min 08sec.

Congratulations !!!!

A popular time of day?

Let’s get real, I don’t consider 3am to be daytime! It’s most definitely nighttime.

Quite aside from that, it seems to be a popular time to start a 40.2 challenge, and that’s exactly what Hayley Underwood is doing today.

She’s over half way at the 8.5hr mark and probably has good views of Motutaiko island (translated as….I hope you get past that soon). It’s a great feeling to see the island view receding behind you.

May the wind be at your back, but only gently for the rest of your swim Hayley 😊

And done, great stuff Hayley. Unofficial time 14hrs 13mins.

Today’s challenger

Just after 3am this morning Alice Sagar began her 40.2 challenge.

So far she’s smashing out the km’s.

Check out oceanswims.nz/track/taupo/

Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to watch your progress today Alice but here’s to a calm day and a favourable breeze 😊


Alice did an amazing job of her challenge, completing the length of the lake in 12hrs 35minutes.

Congrats to Alice and welcome to the crew.