Oh so calm

And I don’t just mean the big lake today. I’m referring to our latest 40.2 challenge participant Gabrielle Gunn.

After setting out from Waihi at the southern end of the lake this morning around 5.30am, Gabrielle has made steady progress on a pearler of a day in warm water conditions up to 23 degrees.

Currently about 10km to go of her massive swim. Awesome job Gabrielle (and from Ange Campbell your swim squad buddy from way back “GO GABRIELLE !!!!!!”).

How’s that for a calm day on Lake Taupo?

Update: Gabrielle has done it, 16hrs 31minutes. Congratulations and welcome to the club 😊

The next challenger

Hannah Drury is 12hrs into her Lake Taupo 40.2 challenge today. Less than 6km to go and from a couple of photos I’ve seen, Hannah has had a beaut day so far in the lake.

Soon to be our second completed swim for the season…..go Hannah!

Update: Challenge completed. Hannah Drury joins our 40.2 ranks in an unofficial time of 14hrs19minutes. Congratulations!

First swim of the new season

Chloe Harris waded into our beautiful Lake Taupo this morning about 2.30am

From the looks of the videos and photos she has a gorgeous day for it, little to no wind and at times glassy conditions.

Check it out here: https://oceanswims.nz/track/taupo/

26km through now after 9hrs…..tis pretty much the home straight, GOOOO CHLOE !!!!

3.30pm Update: 13hrs of strong swimming and Chloe is inside the bay with less than 2km to go….great stuff Chloe 😊

And all done in 13hrs 49min

Love your work Chloe

Congratulations Samuel Muir-James

A great swim yesterday from Samuel Muir-James – he completed his 40.2 challenge in 14hrs 58min 03sec

He swam South to North on the long course – fabulous effort Samuel 🙂


Our first 40.2 of the season

Early this morning Kim Sherwen (sp?) started her swim challenge to complete the length of Lake Taupo.  Her swim took her from the Southern shore of the Lake up to the beach at Taupo township.

By the looks of Mike’s great tracking tool, she’s made it, and not only that, she’s smashed it in an unofficial time of 12 hrs 31 minutes.    Congratulations Kim!kim

Congratulations Mike

Mike Cochrane has joined the 40.2 club.  Welcome my swimmy friend 🙂

The newest addition to our honour roll, Mike from Auckland completed his 40.2 challenge swim in 14hrs 29min today.  From what I’ve heard so far he’s had lovely warm water, a lot of sunshine, and for a decent chunk of the swim beautiful glassy calm conditions.

Mike Cochrane is almost there

In the early hours of this morning Mike Cochrane from Auckland set off from the Southern end of Lake Taupo – near Little Waihi, to begin his 40.2 challenge.

A few hours later (ok, more than a few, but that’s not important right now) Mike is closing in on his goal.  With less than 3km to go to reach the beach at Taupo Yacht Club the big lake has presented him with some glassy conditions.  Enjoy your finish Mike 🙂