Time for our next challenger

The 2013-2014 New Zealand open water swimming season is about half way through….the water temps are probably about as good as they are going to get, and we have completed 3 of the 6 State NZ Ocean swims.

Through all of this a determined swimmer has been training to prepare for her challenge. Weather permitting her time to succeed is very near.
We have a Lake Taupo 40.2 challenger ready to go. Katrina Price has been doing everything in her power to be in the best possible place physically and mentally to take on our big lake. The training has been gruelling, but through it all she’s always got a great big smile on her face and is always keen to soak up advice from others. For some silly reason she wanted a picture with me last time we caught up – but please remember Katrina you are the one that’s taken the big step out of your comfort zone to do this, and the personal glory you’ll take from it is all your own doing. Go smash it as I know you can 🙂


Hopefully I’ll get a couple of updates during your swim day…..and I’ll expect a full report after.

Have a great day out there Katrina, whichever day that is.



Surely winter is almost over?

I’m getting antsy about all this cold weather. Only a month to go and I can call it spring – although I wont be jumping straight back into Wellington harbour, twill still be way too cold for me.
By Labour weekend I’ll be back in, starting my training for the new Kiwi season of open water swims.

Hopefully I’ll get to hear about a couple more special people that will give the fortypointtwo lake Taupo challenge a go over the summer….. come on people. If I can do it so can you!

This year I’ve entered the full Series of 6 State Ocean Swims (November to April), and the Epic Swim January 11th-12th in Taupo.

I’ve decided to try and raise a few funds for Surf Life Saving New Zealand this year as per a suggestion from the good folk at the Ocean swim series. If I can raise $500 for SLSNZ, then Scott will refund my entry fee for the series – sounds like a good plan to me. The best part is that through the givealittle fundraising scheme, 100% of money donated will go straight to Surf Lifesaving NZ.
That makes me very happy as I’m a one-eyed Cantab that’s “in it for life” with Taylors Mistake Surf Club in beautiful Christchurch.

So if you’d like to help out some of those hardworking volunteers on our beaches, please check out my fundraising page:


Challenge completed by Casey Glover

Happy to report that Casey has finished his Lake Taupo marathon swim.

Unofficially 10 hours 52 minutes and 48 seconds.

Well done Casey and your crew, that’s a fantastic time.

Go Casey go!

What a glorious day for a big swim.

Casey Glover waded into Lake Taupo this morning before 5am, and hopefully he got to see the stars as he spent the first couple of hours in darkness.
He has been keeping up a brilliant pace, well over 4km per hour and is on track to break the old record of 10hrs14min.

He is being fuelled by powerade and gummy snakes…. Sounds like a winning combo to me 🙂

He’s now over halfway – go Casey GOOOOOO !!!

What a summer!

Such a long time since I last posted here, but it’s been far too lovely a season to let it pass without comment.

The open water swims held this summer across NZ have so far been blessed by some fabulous weather and I do hope that continues to the end of the season.

Big news for this week is the successful crossing of Cook Strait by Mark Krynen 12hrs 32min of hard slog on a glorious day. Well done Mark (and Glenda and Phil). I hope the recovery is going well.

The other big news is the impending 40.2 challenge of Lake Taupo by the current Cook Strait crossing record holder Casey Glover. It could even be this week!
Given his swimming pedigree, this could be a very quick lake crossing. Good luck to Casey and his support crew, and I’ll be watching out for updates.

I’ll take things a bit easier, and head down to Akaroa for the State Ocean Swim this weekend. If we are lucky we might even get to see a few Hectors dolphins while we are there.

Happy swimming


The open water season is well underway…..

So I look back at my last post and note that my 5 step program to Panic mode has all been completed!
Yay! Well done me for getting through:
– 2 State Ocean swims (Auckland Harbour Crossing and the lovely Russell to Paihia swim)
– 2 Wellington Splash and Dashes (run beautifully by Evelyn and Tomo)
– Entering the Epic Swim 5km and the Masters 2.5km – Lake Taupo January 14th and 15th 2012
– upping my swim sessions to 4 per week
– and eating a whole lot of chocolate along the way.

What’s next?
More training, more searching for that extra ounce of better freestyle technique, and some lounging around on the beach at Taylors Mistake in Christchurch, New Zealand for the Christmas holidays.

This swimming thing never really gets easier, it’s all about perseverance and spending quality time with good friends.

Have a wonderful holiday and see you in the New Year.


Winter’s cold grip loosens

So the days are getting longer, they must be as the birds are chirping when I’m getting up for my Wednesday early morning swim session.
It’s time to start thinking about my open water swim plans for the coming season.

Here in Wellington, we tend to use a long weekend (Labour weekend) at the end of October as our cue for jumping back into the harbour.
That doesn’t seem so far away right now, so my preparations have begun:

Step 1: Enter the State NZ Open water swim series
Step 2: Book flights for said State swims
Step 3: Consider how far I’ll swim this year at the Epic Swim weekend in Taupo
Step 4: Realise that my 2 swims per week are now not enough to get me ready for these races……
Step 5: Panic
Step 6: Eat chocolate
Step 7……..Calm down and write up a plan.

I’ll get back to you when I’ve got step 7 sorted.